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5 Concerns with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows in La Jolla, CA are far and away from the best-selling products on the market. Over the last several years there has been an average of over 20 million vinyl windows sold per year. And window professionals expect the trend to continue in the years ahead. They provide good performance ratings, are weather-resistant, and come at a more affordable price. But they do have some unique problems.

1. Not Customizable

Vinyl windows do come in a range of colors, but the selection is limited. Most brands offer a few neutral tones like cream, brown, and white with only two or three darker shades. They are designed to complement most homes, but the disadvantage is there is no room for customization. You cannot paint vinyl. So the color you choose for your replacement windows is the color you are stuck with until you decide to replace them again. Luckily this isn’t much of a concern for most homeowners. They are able to find vinyl windows in a color that works well with their home.

2. Seal Failure

Vinyl window frames are not as rigid as frames made from other materials. They expand more in hot weather and shrink more in cold weather. With each degree of temperature, the vinyl expands seven times father than glass. This often results in seal failure. And if the unit is compromised, it can even cause the inert gas between the panes to leak out. This allows condensation to form between the panes and can significantly reduce energy efficiency. And unfortunately, the larger the window, the sooner it is likely to fail. This is why it is important to invest in high-quality vinyl windows with specific ingredients to make the frames more rigid.

3. Warping

Because of their susceptibility to temperature fluctuations, vinyl widows can also soften and warp with prolonged exposure to too much heat. If you live in a particularly warm area you might notice your windows start to sag or cease to operate properly. Not only is this frustrating, but can also be a safety hazard if you need to get the window open in an emergency. Fortunately, most modern vinyl windows have higher heat tolerance.

4. Less Glass Surfacereplacement window in La Jolla CA

Because vinyl windows are not as strong and durable as other frame materials, manufacturers have to use more material to compensate. This means the frames are wider and take up more space. Not only does this cut down on the view and reduce natural light, but it can make the frames look bulky and cheap. This is merely an aesthetic concern, but if you like the look of thinner frames you should consider aluminum or fiberglass windows.

5. Stripped Window Cranks

Awning and casement windows are some of the most efficient styles. But homeowners tend to overtighten the cranks, thinking this will bring the sash closer to the frame and make the seal even tighter. This isn’t the case. The multipoint locking mechanism is meant to pull the sash closer to the window. Overtightening the window crank will only work to strip the crank, especially on vinyl windows.

Most quality vinyl replacement windows in La Jolla, CA will not break down in three to five years, but exceptions can happen. This is why it is important to choose your product wisely and look after your vinyl windows. For more insight about replacement windows contact Priority Doors & Windows.