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Planning Your Post-Renovation Party!

If you have ever upgraded a feature or two in your home (windows, doors, added a deck, etc.), you know the excitement that follows: that internal need to throw a party or have a get-together so you can enjoy your space—and show it off. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our team is very familiar […]

Bi-Fold Doors and Your Comfort

There are many reasons we could give you to consider bi-fold doors for your home. You know, the usual: they look great, they maximize light in your home, blah blah blah. But, there are very real and practical reasons to consider adding these [gorgeous] doors to your home that will appeal to you pragmatic, sensible […]

The Bi-Fold Patio Door You’ve Only Dreamed About

You know what many Southern Californians have in common? The desire for a beautiful home patio. But, unfortunately, you know what many do not have? A beautiful home patio door. Enter Priority Doors & Windows in San Clemente, CA. Making homes into dream homes is our business. We take your happiness and your surroundings at […]

The Door to your Future: Multi-Slide Doors

What do you know about unique door options for your San Diego home? If you live in a standard home with typical features, you may have a front door and a back door or standard San Marcos, CA bi-fold doors which leads to the backyard or porch. There’s nothing wrong with this—but this is not […]

Folding Glass Doors with Priority

Priority Doors & Windows has served the Coronado, CA, area for over 35 years. Our neighboring homeowners and construction companies mean a lot to us, to say the least. This is our home and we want the best for the residents here and the surrounding areas. That said, we are very excited to offer you […]

Why You Want Bi-Fold Doors in Your California Home

Everyone wants a unique look to their home. We all desire something different from the “norm;” something which reflects our one-of-a-kind aesthetic taste and personality. These are tough things to accomplish when mitigating factors such as budget and resources are in play. So, what kind of features take an ordinary home into the extraordinary category? […]