Bifold or Sliding Doors – Which is Better for my Home?

When choosing a new feature for your home—like a new patio door—comparison is often the best tool to use. Decisions are hard when you cannot clearly see the “better” option of two or more choices. So, I pose this question to you: which door is better? Is it the bifold door or the sliding door?

Ok, ok; this is clearly a matter of opinion. Even if you know NOTHING about either door, surely you know there are likely those who prefer one door over the other and vice versa. The question is: which door is better for MY home. That is the question we should ask ourselves.

To answer this, we have to dissect the two and list out their strong points and setbacks. Let’s do that.

Bifold Doors
First of all, what are these? Simply put, bifold doors are comprised of multiple “leafs” which fold back and into themselves to fully open up the opening to the outdoors. Now, let’s review a few details:

  • Bifold doors can replace entire walls to create an unrivaled view of the outside surroundings.
  • When folded back to open, bifold patio doors open up the entire side or back of your home for a completely uninterrupted view of your backyard, patio, landscape, etc.
  • These come in all sorts of sizes for varying walls, views, etc.
  • When closed, the frames (though thin) do break up the view somewhat.
  • Considered the patio door that will give you the best view when opened.

Lots of pluses, huh? Here’s the potential drawback: bifold patio doors are usually the more expensive of these two options (and usually more expensive than other patio door options). Of course, the price ranges significantly depending on the quantity of “leafs” you choose.

Sliding Doors
Most are familiar with these. Sliding doors are typically comprised of two or more large panes of glass. One of these is completely immobile, while the other(s) slides behind it to open to the outdoors. Here are some details:

  • Sliding doors, too, can replace entire walls of your home, if desired!
  • These come in all sorts of sizes for varying walls, views, budgets, etc.
  • Only one door (per every two panes) can open—the other stays put (like a picture window).
  • Always an interrupted view due to immobile pane’s frame.

As you can see, sliding doors are a good option, but they just do not offer the same quality of view as bifold doors. Contrarily, though, they fall within a mid-range for cost—which is a definite plus for many homeowners (depending on your personal budget).

So, the choice is yours! Which do you prefer? If you live here in the San Clemente and San Francisco, CA, area, go visit Priority Doors & Windows! They are the best in the area for any patio door you could want for your home. I’ll see you there!

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