Improve Outdoor Living Space for Your Laguna Beach, CA Home by Installing New Folding Doors

Laguna Beach offers residents an incredible benefit that most other places in the country can’t match. Living that close to the Pacific Ocean is an incredible opportunity and when you’re fortunate enough to own a home in this location, you want to take full advantage of it.

There are many things homeowners in this area can do to improve the condition and quality of their home and even impact their overall enjoyment of living in this part of the country. There are so many home improvement projects to look at and consider that it can feel overwhelming at times try and figure out what could be best for you.

If you have any type of outdoor living space that you enjoy that you would prefer to feel as though it is more connected to your house in some way, then you could be staring at the solution and not even realize it. Many homes have just a basic type of sliding glass patio door or a simple glass door that leads to their outdoor living space from the interior portion of the home. Even if you have large glass windows along that side of the wall, having a simple sliding glass door or just a basic door that opens inward might not be offering you the opportunity to take full advantage of the views, opportunities, and comfort that you could enjoy if you were to consider folding doors.

What are folding doors?

The best way to describe the folding door is to explain that at some point in time you have probably seen these doors and not realized what they were actually called. When closed, the door will remain flat against the wall, but when you draw it to the side, placing pressure along the track, the door will fold against itself. There could be two, three, four, or even more panels for the door and as its opening it can give the impression of being like an accordion.

These folding doors are commonly used in smaller bedrooms, mostly on closet doors as a way to conserve space. Since they don’t have to slide across, you could open both sides of the folding doors completely to have access to the closet or storage space without having to move the door back and forth. You also don’t have to worry about what kind of furniture you placed in front or near it because it won’t require a lot of room to open completely.

When you’re talking about expanding the feel of your home, you can do that with folding doors instead of other major home improvement projects.

Why folding doors are a better option for your Laguna Beach home.

One of the great advantages to using a folding door has to do with the ease of operation. If you have to turn a handle, pull the door inward, and then try close it behind you just to go to the outside portion of your living space, it can get frustrating over time. If you have to exert a significant amount of pressure on that sliding glass door because the sand, dirt, and corrosion that has built up over the years on the tracks make it difficult to work, it can decrease your enjoyment of that outdoor living space.

Using a folding door will allow you to completely open that living space up when the weather is gorgeous, when you’re entertaining guests, or when you simply want to experience a larger indoor living space as well.

A folding door system improves performance and functionality and uses the highest quality rolling hardware to ensure ease of use every single time.

These doors will last longer than conventional sliding glass patio doors.

Another incredible benefit of a folding door for your Laguna Beach home is that they have a tendency to last far longer than traditional sliding glass doors. How much longer? That all depends on specific factors, including proximity to the ocean, how much use the doors get to begin with, and more.

Keep in mind, though, that when a traditional sliding glass patio door is in place, the pressure is being placed on the bottom portion of the track. That means every single time the door is opened, it will begin to wear down. As dust, dirt, sand, moisture, and anything else begins to collect along the bottom portion of the track, it’s going to create greater resistance over time. That’s going to make it more difficult to open the door in the first place to.

Folding doors that you can purchase from Priority Doors & Windows are designed to place the majority of weight and pressure along the top portion of the track. If you’re looking to open the doors and have your hands full as it is, it doesn’t require a great deal of pressure to just move those along the track comfortably and almost silently.

When a door is easy to operate, opens as it should, it inspires the homeowner to use that outdoor living space much more frequently.

These folding doors offer a great alternative to traditional sliding glass doors as well as French doors.

You may be considering a number of options to change the look and layout of your living areas, including the living room and outdoor living space. If you’ve been thinking about installing a French door as an elegant addition to your home, you’re going to miss out on a great opportunity you get with folding doors. The folding doors that you could get from Priority Doors & Windows have an incredible amount of glass coverage so that even when they’re closed you will feel connected to that outdoor living space and know that you can easily expand it to open up your entire home with one little push.

Take full advantage of all that living in Laguna Beach has to offer.

You purchased your home in Laguna Beach for a reason and if you’re trying to figure out a simple home improvement project that can completely transform the way you feel there, consider folding glass patio doors. It will be a decision you will enjoy for many years to come.

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