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5 Signs Your Home Needs to Have Replacement Windows Installed

Are the windows in your home decades old at this point? That’s a pretty clear-cut sign that you need to have replacement windows in Oceanside, CA installed. Unless you’re keeping the windows in place because of their historic value, homeowners should usually have their windows taken out and replaced about once every 20 to 30 years, which means you should carefully consider the age of your windows when thinking about window replacement.

There are other signs that’ll also let you know it’s time to replace your windows. Here are 5 signs that your home needs to have replacement windows installed ASAP.

Your windows are hurting the appearance of your home.

Do you hate the way the exterior of your home looks right now? You can improve the curb appeal in a big way when you have new Oceanside, CA windows installed in it. You’ll be surprised by how much more modern your home looks when you do something as simple as installing replacement windows.

They’re dragging down your home’s energy efficiency.

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills seem to be going up a little bit every month, your home’s old windows could be to blame. Old windows often have single-pane glass in them that allows for air to leak in and out of a home with ease. They could be putting a big strain on your home’s HVAC system and forcing it to stay on for long stretches of time day in and day out.

They’re leaking!

Have you noticed that moisture is leaking into your home through several of your windows? You can (and should!) fix this problem right away, either by having window repair done or replacing your windows altogether. Moisture can do damage to your windows, your walls, your carpeting, and so much more.

They’re broken in a variety of ways.

Over time, it’s not uncommon for windows to start to break down. The locks on them will stop working. They won’t move up and down quite as easily as they used to. And the glass in them will even break. You shouldn’t ignore any of these issues, especially if you notice them in several windows in your home. Rather than trying to fix these problems, you should replace your old windows with new ones right away.

They’re taking a toll on the value of your home.

If other homes in your area are increasing in value but your home’s value is staying about the same, you might want to consider how your windows are factoring into that. Old windows will sometimes drag down the value of a home and make it worth less than it should be. New windows will provide a great return on investment as long as you work with a reputable window company.

Have you noticed any of these signs when looking at the windows in your home? Priority Doors & Windows can set you up with Oceanside, CA window replacement, and make your window problems a thing of the past. Give us a call at (619) 281-2333 today to hear about the windows we have in stock or come sit and talk to us about windows at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121.