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replacement windows in La Jolla, CA

5 Ideal Window Styles for a Home Office

Getting replacement windows in your La Jolla, CA home office is a key part of the transition to remote working. That is, alongside other changes in the design elements like lighting and furniture to turn it into a haven of productivity.

Many window styles fit this purpose, some a little more than others. We’ve compiled our top five window styles for home offices below:

Double-hung windows

They are popular because they fit anywhere, including in a productive office environment. Double-hung windows provide two of the most important qualities a home office should have: natural lighting and ventilation.

Thanks to two operable sashes, double-hung windows give you flexibility over airflow. You can let air in from the bottom and let warm air escape through the top or lock one sash to block an outlet.

Their vertical design also makes them an ideal choice for natural lighting, regardless of the office room size. If you’re creating a makeshift office in a darkened space, installing double-hung windows will give it life.

Casement windows

You need a bit of exterior space to install casement windows. Other than that, it’s a perfect window style if you’re looking for something that aesthetically enhances the space while maintaining the primary functions of a window.

Casement windows are wide and provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They also have hinged sides and open outwards, an outlet for an abundance of natural light.

They are easy to use, and maintenance is not a hassle. And you can control the degree of openness for days when you want to let in air but still wish to maintain your privacy.

Picture windows

Imagine having a wide, square-shaped window behind your desk that forms a backdrop for your Zoom calls. Very few window styles match the aesthetic value of picture windows.

Their large and wide frame captures the exterior view in a way that earns them their name. Picture windows are also fixed, so you’re not compromising your security by installing such a large window.

Bay windowsreplacement windows in La Jolla, CA

Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows. They are an excellent choice if natural lighting is your number one priority in a home office window, but they offer more than that.

This window style has a projected exterior that creates extra indoor space, which you can use to relax during breaks and do some thinking away from your desk.

The curved design also makes bay windows aesthetically pleasing and a clean background for video calls.

Skylight windows

How about the roof if you’re short on space on your wall for a sufficiently large window? Skylight windows are a helpful alternative if your office area is too close to the neighbors or sidewalks.

Instead of cramping a small window in your makeshift space, you can install an adequately large skylight window. Not only will it improve the space’s lighting, but it will also make it look bigger.

Plus, you never have to worry about nosy neighbors and passersby peering in.

Those are five of the best window types for your home office. Found one you like? Contact us to get your home office replacement windows in La Jolla, CA. Call us now to start your project, or set up an appointment to tour our showroom.