5 Benefits of Bifold Doors

People don’t choose or do anything for themselves unless there is some sort of payoff, some sort of benefit. We choose schools, friends, partners, food… we choose EVERYTHING based on an internal reward system of personal benefit. So, why should choosing doors for your home be any different?

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we know our San Marcos, CA bi-fold doors are a wonderful addition to any home. In fact, they provide benefits all homeowners want: practicality, luxury, convenience, and comfort. Here’s how!

Maximized light
Just like sliding doors, bifold doors help to maximize the natural light cascading into your home from outside. Whether they are opened or closed, bifold doors will light up your life! Enhancing a space with more natural light will make a dark, gloomy ambiance into a cheery, bright spot everyone will enjoy!

Compact and easy stow-away
Now, unlike sliding patio doors, bifold doors take up very little space when opened because they fold up and back on themselves. This also means you will enjoy a larger opening space to pass through since no door has to slide behind an immobile pane—which is a basic function of the traditional sliding door. Worried about your tight space indoors? Stack ‘em outside!

Garden/yard access
These doors are a perfect way to marry the indoors with your outdoor space, as well as to open the access from one to the other. With bifold doors, you gain the joy of enjoying your outdoor space with the comfort of being inside. After all, you did not work hard on your garden, patio, or backyard in order never to see it!

Low maintenance
I should have begun with this benefit, huh? Bifold doors do not require much elbow grease to stay in top shape! Just a simple cleaning every now and then as you would do with any window.

Aesthetically pleasing and luxurious
The large opening bifold doors allow adds a modern touch to any home. That, paired with the additional natural light they add is enough to elevate the atmosphere. Plus, here at Priority, you can choose from a huge selection of designs, styles, materials, hardware, and colors to perfectly match your décor.

Increased security
We often are asked about the security of bifold doors. For some reason, people tend to assume a folding door is less secure than a sliding or hinged door. It is not! Bifold doors feature a locking system spread over their track at multiple points. This is, in fact, more secure than the traditional one- to two-point lock of most doors.

Do these benefits sound like they suit you and your home design goals? If so, give us a call or come and visit our professionals here at Priority Doors & Windows! We would love to meet you and help you find the perfect bifold door for your home.

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