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4 Ways You Can Avoid Voiding the Warranty on Replacement Windows

When you have replacement windows in San Diego, CA installed in your home, they’ll usually come with a great warranty attached to them. Depending on what kind of windows they are, they might even have a lifetime warranty if you’re lucky. But you should be aware of the fact that there are things that might void your warranty if you’re not careful. Let’s learn about 4 ways you can avoid voiding the warranty on replacement windows.

Bring the right window company on board to install your new windows.

Are you considering installing your new San Diego, CA windows on your own? This would be a huge mistake if your windows come with a great warranty. By trying to DIY your window installation, you might save some money on the front end. But you’ll likely void your window warranty before all of your new windows are even in place. You should always work with a licensed and insured window company to keep your warranty intact.

Read through the terms of your window warranty.

Just because you have a window warranty doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to your windows and get them replaced later. The window manufacturer that’s extending the warranty to you will have a set of terms that you’ll need to follow to keep your warranty valid. It’s a smart idea to read through the fine print that comes with your window warranty. You’ll learn about all of the things you can and can’t do with your new windows while keeping the warranty in place.

Make sure you’re ready to maintain your new windows.

One of the things that most window manufacturers ask homeowners to do to keep their warranty intact is clean and maintain their windows. They don’t usually cover issues that pop up with replacement windows as a result of negligence on the part of a homeowner. So regardless of whether you’re going to be installing vinyl windows, wood windows, or another kind of windows, you should prepare yourself to clean and maintain them on a regular basis. It’ll help you steer clear of inadvertently voiding your window warranty.

Schedule window repairs right away when you notice an issue.

Most window manufacturers grant a warranty to homeowners these days because of how durable and long-lasting their windows are. You shouldn’t start experiencing any issues with them for at least 20 years or so as long as you have a reputable company install them. But in the event that you do happen to notice an issue with your windows, call on a window company to make repairs right away. It’ll stop a small problem from transforming into a big one and ensure you don’t void your warranty without realizing it.

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