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Coronado, CA bifold doors

4 Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Bifold Patio Door System

Summertime is the season when most homeowners choose to make improvements to their outdoor living spaces. From new Coronado, CA bifold doors to improved furniture, there are countless ideas for new looks and enhanced patio areas. But, a patio space is only as good as its entrance. And, here at Priority Doors & Windows, we know homeowners are looking for the best we have to offer: quality bifold patio doors to enhance their outdoor living space.   

If this patio door option is unfamiliar, you’re not alone. In fact, bifold patio doors are a relatively new home feature among the many traditional options that have been around for decades: French patio doors, sliding glass doors, and garden doors. At Priority, we offer all patio door options, but our team is especially excited about our bifold patio doors.   

Coronado, CA bifold patio doors

Bifold patio doors are also referred to by other names:  

  • Accordion style patio doors  
  • Folding patio doors  
  • Folding glass doors 
  • Folding room dividers  
  • Sliding folding doors  
  • Folding track doors  
  • Concertina patio doors  
  • Zigzag doors  


By their many names, you can guess that this patio door system opens up and folds back, out of the way, to create a fully open space to the outdoors. And, the homeowners who have them love them.   

Coronado, CA bifold patio doors became quickly and widely popular for four key reasons:   

  1. Slim Sightlines Bifold patio doors allow a huge amount of light into the home. This helps to cut down on light bills and provides a more inviting, happy atmosphere indoors. Further, with more visibility to the outdoor space, parents can keep a closer eye on their children, and tenants can remain included during outdoor gatherings while preparing food and drinks.   
  1. Fully Open Space   

By allowing homeowners to fully open their indoor space to the outdoors, bifold patio doors give the option to make full use of any size patio or garden. This is especially helpful for homeowners who love to entertain and host holiday get-togethers but would, otherwise, not have the floor space for it.   

  1. Added Modernity   

Because bifold patio doors are a relatively new home design feature, they automatically add a modern touch to any home. Plus, their sleek frames go great with contemporary, modern, and mid-century modern designs.   

  1. Weather Resistant  

There is some hesitation among homeowners regarding bifold patio doors and their water/weather resistance. Of course, not all options on the market are high quality, so homeowners will need to do their due diligence during the selection process. Quality bifold patio doors will have:  

  • High-performance glass and frames  
  • Compression seals for air tightness 
  • A great manufacturer reputation 

To ensure you choose wisely, get to know some of the leading manufacturers in the industry which offer bifold patio doors through expert installation companies in Coronado:  

  • Andersen  
  • Marvin 
  • Milgard  
  • AG Millworks  
  • LaCantina 
  • Fleetwood  

Improving your patio space is easy when you work with the pros at Priority Doors & Windows, located at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121. Give us a call at (619) 281-2333. Our Coronado, CA bifold patio doors are exactly what your patio needs. See you soon!