4 Reasons Your Home Needs Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold patio doors have become one of the most popular home enhancement features in homes—especially here in San Clemente, CA. Homeowners rave about their versatility, charm, and the extra space they provide. They seamlessly connect a garden or patio to a home and transform any dining room or common space into a flawless masterpiece.

Clearly, I’m a fan. In fact, I just added these to my home just north of San Clemente and I could not be happier. My home feels even more like a serene, calming place to be—especially when I sit at my coffee table sipping coffee and watching the hummingbirds buzz about my hanging flowers…

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our team has found that more and more homeowners are choosing bi-fold patio doors because they provide striking option which suits any residence. Whether you live in a large ranch-style home with lots of land or a charming condo—here are 4 Reasons Your Home Needs Bi-Fold Patio Doors from Priority:

  1. Bi-fold doors suit any design
    Do you have a narrow space? What about low ceilings? Or, perhaps you have a large space and want to have a glass door system stretched all across it… Whatever your structure specifics are, we can custom-design a bi-fold door system that works for your home. So, if you are simply looking for a way to open up your dining room and connect it to the patio, our bi-fold door system is for you. Or, if you want bi-fold doors as an interior barrier between space (and not used in relation to your patio), we can do that, too!
  2. Creating space
    Because bi-fold doors can be neatly tucked away to one or two sides, they create plenty of extra usable And, just as with added windows (or even mirrors), this feature makes your space appear larger!
  3. Added value
    You may not currently be considering selling your home, but who knows what the future holds? Any quality improvement you can make to your space, the better situation you are in down the road. And, these days, buyers are looking for the house that “stands out.” Make your home that house—the one with a noteworthy profit margin!
  4. They add an incredible aesthetic
    Bi-fold doors offer very slim sightlines. Further, they provide your home with an impressive appearance—both outdoors and indoors. The large glass surface means more light enters the home, which is always a good thing (according to my findings in HGTV Magazine…).

Wouldn’t you love to sit at your kitchen table, sipping coffee, and watching the birds in your yard? Why don’t you visit the Priority Doors & Windows showroom this week to check out the various options we have here? You will fall in love with the versatility, charm, and added space bi-fold patio doors offer!

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