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4 Important Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Bifold Patio Doors

One of the best parts about installing Vista, CA bifold patio doors in your home is that they’re much easier to clean and maintain than regular patio doors. Regular patio doors often have gunk that builds up in their tracks, making it hard to open and close them. You won’t run into that same problem with bifold patio doors since their tracks are situated up high as opposed to down on the ground.  

That being said, there is some cleaning and maintenance you’ll need to do when it comes to bifold patio doors. By taking the right steps, you can ensure your doors will last for a long time and look their best for years to come. Here are 4 important tips for maintaining your home’s bifold patio doors the right way.  

Wipe debris away from your tracks when you use your bifold patio doors regularly. 

Although bifold patio doors won’t get as much dirt and debris in their tracks as regular patio doors, you will have some debris in the tracks from time to time. You want to be especially mindful of it when you’re opening and closing your doors a lot and having guests over. You can clear the tracks with a small brush and then use a vacuum to suck the debris up. This will keep your tracks as clean as they can be.  

Use a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild soap solution to wash your windows. 

The windows in your bifold patio doors are ultimately going to make or break the view that your doors give you. Get into the habit of cleaning them with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild soap solution once a week or so. This will keep your windows crystal clear and allow you to enjoy all the benefits that come along with having them in the first place.  

Avoid using scouring pads and harsh chemicals on any part of your patio doors. 

When cleaning your patio doors in Vista, CA, you might be tempted to use scouring pads or harsh chemicals to get them completely clean. Do not do this! It might wipe off dirt, but it could also potentially damage your doors and require you to do extensive repairs to them. A soft cloth and a mild soap solution is really all you need to clean all the various parts of your patio doors.  

Lubricate the hinges and trolley wheels on your patio doors every few months. 

No matter what kind of bifold patio doors you have in your home, they likely use a complex system of hinges and trolley wheels to open and close. Every few months, you should use either grease or silicone spray to lubricate these moving parts so that they’re able to move around freely. If you ever notice your doors sticking, there’s a good chance these parts simply don’t have the lubrication they need. By lubricating them, you can make it easy to open and close them again.  

If you’d like to learn more about maintaining bifold patio doors or if you’d like to install new doors in Vista, CA, Priority Doors & Windows can lend a hand. Give us a call at (619) 281-2333 to find out how to clean bifold patio doors properly or come check out our bifold patio door selection at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121.