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4 Health Benefits to Consider When Buying New Windows

A lot of considerations go into buying replacement windows in Coronado, CA. For many people, natural light is not a primary concern but a by-product of having windows.

This article explains the health reasons you should make natural light a priority when deciding on new windows for your home.

Natural light helps fight depression

While it’s no cure, natural light helps fight and manage seasonal depression. Also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s a mood disorder that occurs during winter when there’s less sunlight.

The body (and mind) becomes sluggish, and there’s an overpowering feeling of listlessness we’ve come to expect in cold, dark winter months. Both are linked to the lack of exposure to natural light.

Studies have shown that the affected brain chemical, serotonin, is higher on sunnier days, and participants reported feeling less depressed.

But this applies to winter and other seasons and environments. When most people spend a large amount of their time indoors, having windows that provide adequate natural light every day can help you feel better on most days.

It improves productivity

Multiple studies have shown a direct correlation between exposure to natural light and productivity. In one study, workers exposed to daylight made 40% more sales than those who didn’t.

The conclusion has also been replicated with students who scored 26% higher in standardized tests taken in well-lit buildings. This is because adequate exposure to natural light provides more energy for our brains and body to get more work done.

These studies have also shown that natural light improves mental clarity and problem-solving. Adding extra windows to your home office or study can boost your output and turn you into your most productive self.

Creates easy access to daily Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone diseases like osteoporosis and rickets. And while there are supplements to bridge the gap, installing the right window may be all you need.

Medical professionals recommend getting at least 30 minutes of morning sun daily for vitamin D. It boosts your immune system and improves your nerve and muscle health. And a well-placed window can deliver this.

Even if you work indoors throughout the day, a few windows in the right places give you and your family enough sunlight to keep you healthy and prevent health risks.

Improves sleep quality

The circadian rhythm is the internal biological clock that tells our body when to sleep and wake. It’s heavily influenced by daylight, and a disruption in the rhythm affects the quality of our sleep.

In a study of over 100 employees exposed to a healthy daily amount of sunlight, they all reported sleeping better. They slept faster and better than employees who didn’t get as much exposure to light throughout the day.

While fewer and smaller windows reduce the cost of replacing your windows, these reasons show more is better and healthier. When it comes to the quality of life, you simply can’t have too many windows.

But that doesn’t mean you have to overshoot your budget. We provide affordable replacement windows in Coronado, CA, available in different brands and materials. Call us now to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and learn more about your options.